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At Fox Networking, we understand the frustrations that come with poor internet access, slow network speeds and insufficient data points.Strong WiFi connections, hard wired connections and connections between devices on your network can truly make a difference to the productivity of your business, and its operations, and we can’t recommend them highly enough. We provide data cabling and structured cabling to clients from a range of industries – including retail, healthcare, education, hospitality and business offices – giving them benefits including increased network speed, increased network security and reduced downtime.

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From the consultation and design stages through to the installation, monitoring and management of your structured cabling, network cabling and data wiring, we provide a supportive service throughout, and are always happy to answer any questions or queries along the way. Our data cable technicians and structured cabling contractors can help with all manner of cabling needs, such as: LAN cable installation, Cat5 cable installation, Cat6 cable installation and data cabling, as well as network service monitoring. Along with our Care Program which includes callouts, remote repair and equipment replacement, you can’t go wrong with Fox Networking.

Whether you’re on the lookout for data wiring or network cabling, our network cable installers and data cable technician will see you right. We support businesses across the UK in areas including London, Newcastle, Cardiff and Edinburgh, so if you’re looking for data cable installation companies, network cabling companies or structured cabling companies, with us you have all three and we encourage you to get in touch with us today.

Data Point Installation With Fox Networking


Data cables in business settings allow baseband transmissions to flow from a transmitter to a receiver, such as ethernet cables, networking cables and optical fibre cables. Especially important when business owners, IT managers and contractors are looking to expand their office, managed network or data cabling functionality, they provide data points for equipment such as PCs, servers, access control, WiFi Access Points, phone systems and CCTV cameras, among other data wiring needs. Here at Fox Networking, we specialise in the data cabling installation and network installation of cat 5 data cabling, cat 5 data points, cat 6 data connections and cat6 data points, along with Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a & Cat7 data cabling. Our data cable contractors will help you expand your existing network and add extra data points, and if required, our data cabling contractors can also install and configure wireless access points and VoIP data cabling.

Our business data point installation technicians will have a data network cabling consultation with you, and spec out your office and managed network. Assessing your floor plans and building structure, our data installers can determine whether an ethernet cable or fibre connection is right for your business data point installation. Our data wiring technicians will recommend network speeds based on your business needs, and the type of network cabling required. This may be Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7, and our data cabling technicians will advise on the most suitable data cabling for your business.

Once you’re happy with our data cabling recommendations, our data installers will get to work, ensuring your data access points provide optimum power and that everything works seamlessly together.

Fitted our CCTV and alarm system in our shop in Waterloo, Tim did an outstanding job and was very knowledgeable and professional. Great service, we are extremely pleased! Thank you.

Annette Sheard

Structured Cable Installation & Network Cabling With Fox Networking


Network installation and structured cable installation comprise the network cabling and components installed which provide sockets at your business for equipment such as computers, telephones, printers, CCTV cameras and door entry systems. Structured network cabling for businesses links every device in your network together for effective and efficient usage, and when strong network cables are installed, they provide a high speed network that allows internet access, file sharing and media streaming – all important business functions.

We all know how infuriating slow computers can be and how critical internet access is for day-to-day operations. With Fox Networking as your structured cabling installers, you’re guaranteed a well-design and installed structured cabling system – providing high performance levels, network security and network service monitoring by our trusted network cable installers. With the added flexibility to accommodate moves and future network cabling changes, our managed networks boost system availability, offers full redundancy and aids business productivity no end.

There’s always structure to our network cabling and our network cabling contractors understand the importance of network security, a secure network and managed WiFi. For example, when staff members leave your employment, we can kick them off the network for proactive security. Because our structured cabling installers know there’s a liability cost with getting network security wrong, they are comprehensive in their approach, ensuring your managed network is protected at all times, and at all costs.

With the added bonus of increased data speeds, no messy wires and supported future upgrades, our network cable installers will always see your business right.

Why Choose Fox Networking?

We are one of the only firms around that offers both data point installation, network cabling and provides ongoing management and monitoring. A truly full service business who places client care and service provision above all else, we regularly meet the network and data point needs of IT managers, business owners and fit out contractors across the UK.

We actively monitor our clients’ networks for complete peace of mind. Should our monitoring system detect a fault, we’ll receive a notification and can usually fix the issue remotely and safely. If required, our cabling specialists will be onsite and making repairs as quickly as possible.

Working with businesses such as pubs, restaurants and hotels, as well as companies that inhabit office blocks, we can integrate your current systems with our network cabling and data points for a seamless transition, and continuous network access and data access.

Our personal approach has been key to our success. Regardless of whether your business is located in London, Newcastle, Cardiff or Edinburgh, we’ll visit you onsite to discuss your managed network needs, survey your business and provide you with expert-driven solutions that will only bring benefits to your business.

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Whether you’re in need of a cable installation or data point installation, our network cabling contractors and data cabling contractors, you can trust Fox Networking to provide you with the right data wiring, structured cabling and managed network for your business. From Newcastle, Cardiff and Edinburgh through to Manchester, Liverpool, London and Birmingham, we support businesses across the UK so are certain we can help yours too. To find out more, please contact us today on 0333 996 0170.