What is the difference between Cat5e and Cat6?

The main difference between cat5 and cat6 cables is reduced “noise” and faster speeds in the transferring of data and connection. Cat5 and cat6 cables both share the same end plug that connects them to their end destination (a modem for example).

What is an IP camera system?

An internet protocol (IP) camera, is a type of digital video camera that sends and receives data and image data via the Internet. They are commonly used for surveillance but unlike analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, they require no local recording device, only a local area network.

What is a VOIP phone?

Put it simply, a Voice Over Internet Protocall (VOIP) phone is a telephone system that uses the internet rather than a standard phoneline. The benefits of using VOIP are: lower costs, increased accessibility, complete portability, higher scalability, advanced features for small and large teams, clearer voice quality, supports multitasking and more flexibility.

Does access control need hard wiring?

The simple answer is NO! With a wide range of systems being wirelss we can install most equipment without much interfearance. This being said, it’s always best to get a good understaning of your requirments so give us a call on 0333 996 0170 for a free consultation.

What network security do I need?

It’s best to make sure your network is as secure as possible. With cyber crime being a major threat in today’s world it’s better to be safe than sorry! We offer a wide range of solutions depending on your needs and can cover any size network.