Network Installation

Whether you’re just starting out, or have grown beyond having a few cables strung around your office, a properly designed and installed network can add real value to every aspect of your business. Whatever your requirements we will find the best way to meet them for the greatest value to your business.

What are the benefits?

Increased speed
Enjoy WiFi as fast as a hardwired connection. Improve productivity by removing network bottlenecks. Monitor and prioritise key network traffic to keep your vital applications running.

Reduce Downtime
Our active management systems constantly monitor the state of your network, sending us real-time alerts if there’s a problem. Most issues can be remotely fixed and we can re-route network traffic until faulty components are replaced.
We offer a 12hour SLA as standard.

Increased Security
During our initial setup we lock each network port to its assigned de- vice. We also schedule WiFi networks to automatically switch off when your business closes, reducing the opportunity for unauthor- ised access.

All installations come complete with a fully managed firewall to keep your network safe.